Pitlochry Highland Games

Pitlochry Highland Games has pipe bands marching down the main street

Pitlochry Highland Games

The Pitlochry Highland Games is one of the busiest weekends of the year in Pitlochry, Pipe bands march down Pitlochry main street to the games fieldattracting thousands of people to the town. The games are run by a team of hard working, unpaid local volunteers under the guidance of the Games Chieftain, Charles Butter.

The games need to attract in excess of 5,000 paying spectators to cover the costs of organising and running the event. As you would expect the weather plays a big part in deciding how many people turn up each year. From the takings roughly 35% of the money raised goes in prizes and trophies; another 33% goes towards, marquee hire, toilets, traffic signs and control, judges' expenses.

Drum Major Alistair Walker attracts a German visitor

Highland Games Events:-

Pitlochry Highland Games is very much a traditional Highland Games, celebrating Scottish Highland culture and heritage, especially that of the Scottish Highlands. Events include:-

  • 11.45am Pitlochry Pipe Band Parade (down Pitlochry main street to the games field)
  • Pipe Band Competitions
  • Solo Piping
  • Highland Dancing
  • Tossing the Caber
  • Throwing the HammerPiper being judged at the Pitlochry Highland Games
  • Putting the Stone (the origins of the modern event 'Putting the Shot')
  • Tug of War
  • Track Events, (cycling, high jump, long jump, cycling, adult and children foot races).
  • Finale of the Massed Pipe band Parade.

Each year many of the Pipe Bands march down Pitlochry Main Street to the Highland Games Field, the best turned out bands win cash prizes. This event is hugely popular with Atholl Road, Pitlochry main street, lined up to five people deep with spectators.

Pitlochry Highland Games Car Parking - many people park within the town of Pitlochry, but the Highland Games has its own parking area at very affordable prices (better than leaving the car in town) at £2 per car (2013 prices). All you have to do is drive down to Pitlochry Recreation ground, (there are yellow signs showing you the way, from Pitlochry town centre) and your car will be parked right next to the games field.

Pitlochry Highland Games entrance fees are very reasonably priced. 2014 prices were £8 adults; kids (5 to 16yrs) £2; Cars £2; dogs on leads are welcome. RememberTug of war is taken very seriously at the Pitlochry Highland Games this offers fantastic all day entertainment starting at 10.30am and finishing generally around 6pm with the massed band finale. Even if you stay for an hour or two it is still excellent value and you will be thoroughly entertained.