Explorers Garden Pitlochry

The area features Archibald Menzies

The Explorers Garden Pitlochry - celebrates the plant hunters ' the real heroes of their time'

The Explorers Garden in Pitlochry, located just behind Pitlochry Theatre, is a unique garden that celebrates the Scottish plant hunters, who over 200 years brought back plants that play such a huge part in our gardens of today. The Scottish Plant Hunters Garden, 'The Explorers Garden' was conceived and built in conjunction with the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

Here you can discover the fascinating stories behind the Scottish plant hunters who brought back to the west all the exotic plants and learn about the men who risked death to bring them back.

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Plant Hunters such as:-

  • One of the many rooms of plants in the Explorers Garden PitlochryArchibald Menzies, from Weem by Aberfeldy, the first European to gather Giant Red Redwood in America and Monkey Puzzle nuts from Chile.
  • David Douglas who started gardening at Scone Palace, by Perth, collected plants and animals from North America including the Douglas Fir.
  • Francis Masson who spent his time in South Africa,Tenerife, the Azores, the West Indies and Canada and many others who survived (and some who did
    not) sieges, shipwrecks and slavery, battled against pirates and hostile natives to source specimen plants from around the world to bring back to Britain.

About the Explorers Garden Pitlochry.

The Explorers Garden covers six acres of Woodland on the slope behind thExplorers Garden is a great place to stop and enjoye Pitlochry Festival Theatre. The garden is divided into different areas of the world, displaying an array of beautiful plants with information boards explaining about the Scottish Plant Hunters involved in acquiring the original specimens etc.

Along the way you will see some garden art, wonderfularchitecture, unusual plants and if you are lucky you might see some red squirrels and lots of birds.

The 2013 exhibition is 'India's Hidden Treasures' in the David Douglas Pavilion, this is sponsored by The Scottish Rock Garden Club and runs the whole season. The exhibition has photographs taken by Julia Corden, the Explorers Garden Manager during her recent expedition to the remote northern part of Arunchael Pradesh, India, Entry is free to The arch in the Archibald Menzies area of the Explorers Garden Pitlochryeveryone who has paid to enter the Explorers Garden.

Access to the Explorers Garden is from the car park of the Pitlochry Festival Theatre. Garden tours are available; there are also plants and seeds for sale. You can also purchase red squirrel food.

The Explorers Garden is open from 1st April to last Sunday in October, daily from 10am to 4.30pm.